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Element Software
12.5 and 12.7

Add drives to a cluster

Contributors netapp-pcarriga amgrissino netapp-dbagwell

When you add a node to the cluster or install new drives in an existing node, the drives automatically register as available. You must add the drives to the cluster by using either the Element UI or API before they can participate in the cluster.

Drives are not displayed in the Available Drives list when the following conditions exist:

  • Drives are in Active, Removing, Erasing, or Failed state.

  • The node of which the drive is a part of is in Pending state.

  1. From the Element user interface, select Cluster > Drives.

  2. Click Available to view the list of available drives.

  3. Do one of the following:

    • To add individual drives, click the Actions icon for the drive you want to add and click Add.

    • To add multiple drives, select the check boxes of the drives to add, click Bulk Actions, and click Add.

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