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Element Software
12.5 and 12.7

Remove failed drives from the cluster

Contributors netapp-pcarriga

The SolidFire system puts a drive in a failed state if the drive's self-diagnostics tells the node it has failed or if communication with the drive stops for five and a half minutes or longer. The system displays a list of the failed drives. You must remove a failed drive from the failed drive list in NetApp Element software.

Drives in the Alerts list show as blockServiceUnhealthy when a node is offline. When restarting the node, if the node and its drives come back online within five and a half minutes, the drives automatically update and continue as active drives in the cluster.

  1. In the Element UI, select Cluster > Drives.

  2. Click Failed to view the list of failed drives.

  3. Note the slot number of the failed drive.

    You need this information to locate the failed drive in the chassis.

  4. Remove the failed drives using one of the following methods:



    To remove individual drives

    1. Click Actions for the drive you want to remove.

    2. Click Remove.

    To remove multiple drives

    1. Select all the drives you want to remove, and click Bulk Actions.

    2. Click Remove.