Volume details

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The Volumes page on the Management tab provides information about the active volumes such as name, account, access groups associated with the volume, and size of the volume.

  • ID

    The system-generated ID for the volume.

  • Name

    The name given to the volume when it was created.

  • Account

    The name of the account assigned to the volume.

  • Access Groups

    The name of the volume access group or groups to which the volume belongs.

  • Access

    The type of access assigned to the volume when it was created. Possible values:

    • Read / Write: All reads and writes are accepted.

    • Read Only: All read activity allowed; no writes allowed.

    • Locked: Only Administrator access allowed.

    • ReplicationTarget: Designated as a target volume in a replicated volume pair.

  • Used

    The percentage of used space in the volume.

  • Size

    The total size (in GB) of the volume.

  • Snapshots

    The number of snapshots created for the volume.

  • QoS Policy

    The name and link to the user-defined QoS policy.

  • Min IOPS

    The minimum number of IOPS guaranteed for the volume.

  • Max IOPS

    The maximum number of IOPS allowed for the volume.

  • Burst IOPS

    The maximum number of IOPS allowed over a short period of time for the volume. Default = 15,000.

  • Attributes

    Attributes that have been assigned to the volume as a key/value pair through an API method.

  • 512e

    Indication of whether 512e is enabled on a volume. Possible values:

    • Yes

    • No

  • Created On

    The date and time that the volume was created.