Upgrade Element software to version 12.2 on the storage cluster

As part of a NetApp HCI or SolidFire storage system upgrade, you upgrade NetApp Element software.

You must use HealthTools suite of tools to upgrade storage node software.

What you’ll need
  • You are running management node 11.0, 11.1 or later.

  • You have upgraded your management services to at least version 2.1.326.

    NetApp Hybrid Cloud Control upgrades are not available in earlier service bundle versions.

  1. Determine the Element version on your storage cluster.

  2. Use HealthTools to run pre-upgrade checks.

  3. Upgrade your Element software version.

  4. Upgrade your Element software version at dark sites.

Tip To view the number of storage and compute resources, look at the NetApp Hybrid Cloud Control (HCC) Dashboard. See View storage and compute resources in HCC Dashboard.

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