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Respond to alerts on the Hybrid Cloud Control Dashboard

Contributors netapp-dbagwell

You can view and respond quickly to alerts on the Hybrid Cloud Control Dashboard.


  1. Go to the NetApp Fabric Orchestrator Login page.

  2. Enter your Cloud Central login credentials and click Login.

    Tip If you do not see any systems listed, make sure that the NetApp HCI administrator is added to your NetApp Cloud Central account.
  3. If you do not have a Cloud Central account, on the Cloud Central Login page, click Sign Up.

    Using Cloud Central, you can set up accounts either as individual accounts or as Federated accounts:

    1. You can make a new account with name, email, and password and then you will be logged in. This is the simplest type of account.

    2. If you are part of a Cloud Central Federated organization, you enter your email and are then routed to the organization login.

  4. From other Cloud Central products, select Products > NetApp Fabric Orchestrator.

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