Create file share from snapshot

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You can create a new share from a snapshot of an existing share. The process can use an existing snapshot or can create a snapshot immediately that is used for the cloning operation. For information on:


  1. Display the Shares list.

  2. To create the file share from a snapshot, you can either:

    1. Click Create Share, select Clone from snapshot, then go to step 3, or

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    2. Locate the share in the list, click the Create share from snapshot icon and then go to step 4.

  3. Select the share containing the snapshot to clone by selecting the Select checkbox, then click Next.

    Filter the list by region, zone and file server to quickly locate the server in the list.
  4. To use an existing snapshot, select the snapshot to clone; you can filter the list by schedule type or search for the snapshot by name (partial matches accepted).

  5. To create a new snapshot, do not select a snapshot.

  6. Click Next.

  7. Enter the new share name and the share path.

  8. Review the other selections which are inherited from the snapshot and select or amend as required. For field descriptions, refer to Create new File Share.

  9. Click Create. This creates a job to create the clone with the specified settings.

After you finish

  • For CIFs type shares only: to make the shares available by host name, your domain administrator must update the DNS records with the CIFS server name and IP address. Otherwise, the share is only accessible through the IP address. For example:

    • With DNS records updated, use either the host name or IP to access the share: such as \\hostname\share or \\IP\share

    • With no DNS records updated, you must use the IP address to access the share i.e. \\IP\share

  • Create share is run as an asynchronous job. You can:

    • Check the status of the job in the jobs list.

    • After the job is finished, check the status of the share in the Shares list.