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vSphere NFS datastore - Version 3 with ONTAP

Contributors kevin-hoke

Creation of NFS version 3 datastore with ONTAP NAS storage.

What you need

  • The basic skill necessary to manage a vSphere environment and ONTAP.

  • An ONTAP storage system (FAS/AFF/CVO/ONTAP Select/Cloud Volume Service/Azure NetApp Files) running ONTAP 9.8 or later

  • ONTAP credentials (SVM name, userID, password)

  • ONTAP network port, SVM, and LUN information for NFS

  • vCenter Server credentials

  • vSphere host(s) information for vSphere 7.0 or later

  • NFS VMKernel adapter IP information

  • Network switch(es)

    • with ONTAP system network data ports and connected vSphere hosts

    • VLAN(s) configured for NFS

    • (Optional) link aggregation configured for ONTAP network data ports

  • ONTAP Tool for VMware vSphere deployed, configured, and ready to consume


ONTAP tasks

  1. Verify the ONTAP license for NFS.

    1. Use the system license show command and check that NFS is listed.

    2. Use license add -license-code <license code> to add a license.

  2. Follow the NFS configuration workflow.

What's next?

After these tasks are completed, the NFS datastore is ready to consume for provisioning virtual machines.