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Cloud Manager 3.6
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Getting started with Cloud Volumes ONTAP in Azure

Contributors netapp-bcammett

You can get started with Cloud Volumes ONTAP in Azure from NetApp Cloud Central. Separate instructions are available to deploy Cloud Manager in Azure US Government regions and in Azure Germany regions.

Number 1 Set up your networking

Enable outbound internet access from the target VNet so Cloud Manager and Cloud Volumes ONTAP can contact several endpoints.

This step is important because Cloud Manager cannot deploy Cloud Volumes ONTAP without outbound internet access. If you need to limit outbound connectivity, refer to the list of endpoints for Cloud Manager and Cloud Volumes ONTAP.

Number 2 Provide the required Azure permissions

When you deploy Cloud Manager from NetApp Cloud Central, you need to use an Azure account that has permissions to deploy the Cloud Manager virtual machine.

  1. Download the NetApp Cloud Central policy for Azure.

  2. Modify the JSON file by adding your Azure subscription ID to the "AssignableScopes" field.

  3. Use the JSON file to create a custom role in Azure named Azure SetupAsService.

    Example: az role definition create --role-definition C:\Policy_for_Setup_As_Service_Azure.json

  4. From the Azure portal, assign the custom role to the user who will deploy Cloud Manager from Cloud Central.

Number 3 Launch Cloud Manager from NetApp Cloud Central

Cloud Manager software is required to deploy and manage Cloud Volumes ONTAP. It takes just a few minutes to launch a Cloud Manager instance from Cloud Central.

Number 4 Launch Cloud Volumes ONTAP using Cloud Manager

Once Cloud Manager is ready, just click Create, select the type of system that you would like to deploy, and complete the steps in the wizard. After 25 minutes, your first Cloud Volumes ONTAP system should be up and running.