config.cfobothabmodule events






This message occurs when a disk shelf in a node is cabled for multipathing and the configuration does not support it. Multipathing means that the disk shelf is connected to one node through both disk shelf module A and module B. In HA configurations, multipathing is only supported if software disk ownership is being used and the storage shelf supports it.

Corrective Action

For a standard HA configuration, identify the miscabled disk shelf and attach either module A or module B to the partner node. For a shared storage or multipathed HA, assign disk ownership to the partner node by using the "disk assign" command in Maintenance mode.

Syslog Message

The disk shelf where disk %s resides is connected to this node through both disk shelf module A and module B; one of the modules must be connected to the partner node instead.


disk (STRING): Name of the disk that is cabled for multipathing.