disk.releasefailed events






This message occurs when a SCSI release reservation fails.

Corrective Action

This is not a problem if seen occasionally. If this message is seen repeatedly, or is blocking access to a LUN for longer than 10 minutes, open a support case to investigate the underlying cause.

Syslog Message

Disk release failed on %s CDB %s - %s (%x %x %x)


diskName (STRING): Name of the device.
cdb (STRING): CDB (Command Descriptor Block) containing the I/O operation being performed.
sSenseKey (STRING): Sense key value.
iSenseKey (INTHEX): Actual sense key.
iASC (INTHEX): SCSI Additional Sense Code.
iASCQ (INTHEX): SCSI Additional Sense Code Qualifier.
sm (STRING): SCSI Persistent Reservation state machine.
state (INT): SCSI Persistent Reservation state machine step.
out_status_flags (INTHEX): Status flag contains bits describing which of the following status values are valid.
ha_status (INTHEX): Value returned by the host adapter driver describing completion status of I/O request execution at the transport or physical link layer.
target_status (INTHEX): Value returned by the target describing completion status of I/O request.
target_rsp_code (INTHEX): Target response code.