ha.panicinfosznotok events






This message occurs when the size of the panic information received from the high-availability (HA) partner is not equal to the expected panic information size. The receiving node will discard this panic information message. A takeover might still occur if the local node detects that its HA partner is down by other means, and takeover of the panicking node is allowed.

Corrective Action


Syslog Message

Panic information message received from the HA partner is the wrong size. Expected size: %u. Received size: %u. Partner name: %s. Partner system ID: %llu.


expected_size (LONGINT): Expected size of the panic information.
received_size (LONGINT): Received size of the panic information.
partner_name (STRING): Name of the HA partner.
partner_systemid (LONGINT): System ID of the HA partner.