lmgr.recons events






This message occurs when locks established through CIFS Continuously Available (CA) shares are dropped after a takeover, giveback, or aggregate relocation. This is because the multi-protocol lock manager finds bad mirrored lock state for CA locks and skips reconstructing them. This causes a client to see a service disruption on the file to which the CA locks belong.

Corrective Action

Reopen the file to reestablish CA locks.

Syslog Message

A Continuously Available (CA) lock for volume %s%s/%s (DSID %08x) file %d snapshot copy %d reconnect key %d is dropped because of %s.


vol (STRING): Volume name.
app (STRING): Application UUID.
volident (STRING): Volume identifier to uniquely identify the volume in cases where the volume name alone is insufficient.
dsid (LONGINT): Data set identifier.
fileid (INT): File identifier.
snapid (INT): Snapshot(tm) copy in which the file exists, 0 for the active file system.
reconnect_key (INT): Open identifier to uniquely identify a durable or persistent open on a volume
reason (STRING): Description of the reason for dropping a CA lock.