san.nofcportsonnode events






This message occurs in MetroCluster™ configurations on clustered Data ONTAP® systems when an attempt to place an FCP LIF on a particular node fails because the system cannot find any active ports on that node.

Corrective Action

List the offline FC ports on the DR partner node by using the "fcp adapter show -node <node_name;> -state down" command. Modify the state of the offline FC ports with the following command: "fcp adapter modify -node <node_name;> -adapter <adapter_name;> -state up". Once the FC ports in question are online, resynchronize the Vserver configuration using the "metrocluster vserver resync" command. With the command "fcp adapter show -node <node_name;>" verify that FC ports are present. If the FC ports are absent in the destination cluster node (DR partner), contact customer support to provision the FC ports.

Syslog Message

Cannot find online FC ports on Node "%s" for placing LIF "%s" in Vserver "%s".


node_name (STRING): Node name.
lif (STRING): LIF name.
vserver_name (STRING): Vserver name.