vsdr.missing events






This message occurs when the clone parent volume does not exist during the Vserver SnapMirror®/MetroCluster(tm) baseline replication on the secondary site. Vserver SnapMirror/MetroCluster replication will be blocked until this problem is resolved, and delaying action on this problem will lead to inconsistent data on the primary and secondary sites.

Corrective Action

Use the (privilege: diag) "debug vreport show -type volume" command on the primary site to show the list of inconsistent volumes. For each of these inconsistent volumes, use the (privilege: diag) "debug vreport fix -type volume" command to resolve all of the issues on the Vserver SnapMirror/MetroCluster primary site. After the above problem is resolved, run the "snapmirror resync/metrocluster vserver resync" command.

Syslog Message

Parent volume for clone volume %s:%s is missing.


vserver (STRING): Name of the Vserver.
volume (STRING): Name of the clone volume for which the corresponding parent volume is missing.