wafl.ntfsunixsecurityops events






This message occurs when a UNIX-type permissions or ownership change is attempted by an NFS client on an NTFS (Windows) volume, but changes of this type are prohibited by an export policy rule.

Corrective Action

Use the "vserver show -fields uuid" command to find the Vserver name corresponding to the Vserver’s UUID. Use the "volume file show-inode" command with the file ID and volume name information to find the file or directory path and consider using Windows client to set file or directory attributes.

Syslog Message

NFS client attempted prohibited change of UNIX permissions for file ID: %d, on NTFS volume : %s%s%s


fileid (INT): File ID of the entry in the directory.
vol (STRING): Volume name.
app (STRING): Application UUID.
volident (STRING): Vserver’s Universal Unique Identifier (UUID).