bsdsocket.queuelimit events






This message occurs when the number of connection requests for a socket reaches the maximum. These connection requests include partially completed connections and connections that are ready to be accepted.

Corrective Action

Network misconfigurations can cause connectivity issues such as asymmetric routing, which causes loss of ACKs. Check the network for any such misconfigurations. A Denial of Service attack and an overloaded system can also be reasons for such an event. Contact NetApp technical support.

Syslog Message

Number of connection requests for the socket bound to port %d having the IP address %s has reached the limit of %d connections. The socket uses %s protocol. This event has occurred %llu times since the last warning.


port (INT): Local port bound to the socket.
ipAddress (STRING): IP address of the socket.
limit (INT): Maximum number of connection requests per socket.
protocol (STRING): Protocol used by the socket.
count (LONGINT): Number of occurrences for this event since the last warning.