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ONTAP FlexArray

Array LUN name format

Contributors netapp-chikkusu

The name assigned to an array LUN has a new format to ensure that the name is unique across a cluster.

The array LUN name consists of two components and looks like the following:

<array_prefix>.<offset>, for example EMC-1.1.

  • The array_prefix is a unique prefix that ONTAP assigns by default to each storage array.

    This field is composed of <array_name-array_instance> (EMC-1 in this case).

    array_name can be denoted by the first three letters of the name of the vendor.

    If there is more than one array from the same vendor, the value of array_instance proceeds in an ascending order.

  • The offset is the ascending virtual disk number that ONTAP assigns to each LUN. It is independent of the LUN ID of the host.

You can modify the <array_prefix> field by using the storage array modify -name -prefix command.