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ONTAP FlexArray

Minimum number of array LUNs required per ONTAP system

Contributors netapp-chikkusu

The number of array LUNs that you need per ONTAP system depends on the location of the root volume.

The root volume can be either on a disk or on array LUNs. The location of the root volume then determines the minimum number of array LUNs you need. If the root volume is on a storage array, each stand-alone ONTAP system and each node in an HA pair must own at least one array LUN. If the root volume is on a native disk, the only array LUNs needed are those for data storage.

For a MetroCluster configuration that is using array LUNs, two array LUNs are required (one LUN from each site) if the root volume is on a storage array. The two LUNs are necessary so that the root volume can be mirrored.