ONTAP FlexArray

An access control LUN is presented to ONTAP

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ONTAP does not support access control array LUNs. The storage errors show output alerts you if an access control LUN is being presented.

Storage errors show message

NAME (UID): This array LUN is an access control LUN. It is not supported and should be masked off or disabled.


ONTAP supports only storage array LUNs. When an array LUN, for example, an E-Series access control LUN is presented to ONTAP, the storage array config show output looks normal; it shows the access control LUN in a LUN group, as the following example shows. The warning message at the bottom of the screen indicates the problem. You need to run storage errors show to find out that the problem is that an access control LUN was presented and which LUN it is.

mysystem1::> storage array config show

          LUN     LUN
Node      Group   Count  Array Name    Array Target Port       Initiator
------    ------  -----  ------------ ------------------       --------
mysystem1   0       1    NETAPP_INF_1  20:1A:00:a0:b8:0f:ee:04   0a
                                       20:2A:00:a0:b8:0f:ee:04   0c

Warning: Configuration errors were detected.  Use 'storage errors show' for detailed information.

Troubleshooting and problem resolution

  1. On the storage array, mask off the access control LUN.

  2. In ONTAP, run storage errors show again to confirm that the access control LUN is no longer being presented to ONTAP.