Reviewing Brocade license requirements

Contributors netapp-aoife

You need certain licenses for the switches in a MetroCluster configuration. You must install these licenses on all four switches.

The MetroCluster configuration has the following Brocade license requirements:

  • Trunking license for systems using more than one ISL, as recommended.

  • Extended Fabric license (for ISL distances over 6 km)

  • Enterprise license for sites with more than one ISL and an ISL distance greater than 6 km

    The Enterprise license includes Brocade Network Advisor and all licenses except for additional port licenses.

You can verify that the licenses are installed by using the 'license' command.

For Fabric OS 8.2.x and earlier

Run the command licenseshow.

For Fabric OS 9.0 and later

Run the command license --show.

If you do not have these licenses, you should contact your sales representative before proceeding.