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ONTAP MetroCluster

In-band management of the FC-to-SAS bridges

Contributors netapp-thomi netapp-jtures

Beginning with ONTAP 9.5 with FibreBridge 7500N or 7600N bridges, in-band management of the bridges is supported as an alternative to IP management of the bridges. Beginning with ONTAP 9.8, out-of-band management is deprecated.

Note Beginning with ONTAP 9.8, the storage bridge command is replaced with the system bridge command. The following steps show the storage bridge command, but if you are running ONTAP 9.8 or later, the system bridge command is preferred.

When using in-band management, the bridges can be managed and monitored from the ONTAP CLI via the FC connection to the bridge. Physical access to the bridge via the bridge Ethernet ports is not required, reducing the security vulnerability of the bridge.

The availability of in-band management of the bridges depends on the version of ONTAP:

  • Beginning with ONTAP 9.8, bridges are managed via in-band connections by default and out-of-band management of the bridges via SNMP is deprecated.

  • ONTAP 9.5 through 9.7: Either in-band management or out-of-band SNMP management is supported.

  • Prior to ONTAP 9.5, only out-of-band SNMP management is supported.

Bridge CLI commands can be issued from the ONTAP interface storage bridge run-cli -name bridge-name -command bridge-command-name command at the ONTAP interface.

Note Using in-band management with IP access disabled is recommended to improve security by limiting physical connectivity the bridge.