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ONTAP MetroCluster

Cabling a FibreBridge 6500N bridge with disk shelves using IOM6 or IOM3 modules

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After configuring the bridge, you can start cabling your new system. The FibreBridge 6500N bridge uses QSFP connectors.

Power up and wait at least 10 seconds before connecting the port. The SAS cable connectors are keyed; when oriented correctly into a SAS port, the connector clicks into place and the disk shelf SAS port LNK LED illuminates green. For disk shelves, insert a SAS cable connector with the pull tab oriented down (on the underside of the connector).

The FibreBridge 6500N bridge does not support disk shelves that use a IOM12 module.

  1. Daisy-chain the disk shelves in each stack.

    For information about daisy-chaining disk shelves, see the Installation and Service Guide for your disk shelf model.

  2. For each stack of disk shelves, cable the IOM A square port of the first shelf to the SAS port A on FibreBridge A.

  3. For each stack of disk shelves, cable the IOM B circle port of the last shelf to the SAS port A on FibreBridge B.

    Each bridge has one path to its stack of disk shelves. Bridge A connects to the A-side of the stack through the first shelf, and bridge B connects to the B-side of the stack through the last shelf.

    Note The SAS port B bridge is disabled.

    The following illustration shows a set of bridges cabled to a stack of four disk shelves:

    mcc cabling bridge and sas stack