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ONTAP MetroCluster

Renaming a Cisco IP switch


You might need to rename a Cisco IP switch to provide consistent naming throughout your configuration.

In the examples in this task, the switch name is changed from myswitch to IP_switch_A_1.

  1. Enter global configuration mode:

    configure terminal

    The following example shows the configuration mode prompt. Both prompts show the switch name of myswitch.

    myswitch# configure terminal
  2. Rename the switch:

    switchname new-switch-name

    If you are renaming both switches in the fabric, use the same command on each switch.

    The CLI prompt changes to reflect the new name:

    myswitch(config)# switchname IP_switch_A_1
  3. Exit configuration mode:


    The top-level switch prompt is displayed:

    IP_switch_A_1(config)# exit
  4. Copy the current running configuration to the startup configuration file:

    copy running-config startup-config

  5. Verify that the switch name change is visible from the ONTAP cluster prompt.

    Note that the new switch name is shown, and the old switch name (myswitch) does not appear.

    1. Enter advanced privilege mode, pressing y when prompted:
      set -privilege advanced

    2. Display the attached devices:
      network device-discovery show

    3. Return to admin privilege mode:
      set -privilege admin

      The following example shows that the switch appears with the new name, IP_switch_A_1:

      cluster_A::storage show> set advanced
      Warning: These advanced commands are potentially dangerous; use them only when directed to do so by NetApp personnel.
      Do you want to continue? {y|n}: y
      cluster_A::storage show*> network device-discovery show
      Node/       Local  Discovered
      Protocol    Port   Device                    Interface         Platform
      ----------- ------ ------------------------- ----------------  ----------------
                                                   Ethernet125/1/28  N9K-C9372PX
                  e1a    IP_switch_A_1(FOC21211RBU)
                                                   Ethernet1/2       N3K-C3232C
                  e1b    IP_switch_A_1(FOC21211RBU)
                                                   Ethernet1/10      N3K-C3232C
      .                                             Ethernet1/18      N9K-C9372PX
                                                   Ethernet125/1/26  N9K-C9372PX
                  e0a    IP_switch_A_2(FOC21211RB5)
                                                   Ethernet1/1       N3K-C3232C
                  e0b    IP_switch_A_2(FOC21211RB5)
                                                   Ethernet1/9       N3K-C3232C
                  e1a    IP_switch_A_1(FOC21211RBU)
      16 entries were displayed.