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ONTAP MetroCluster

Upgrade RCF files on MetroCluster IP switches

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You might need to upgrade an RCF file on a MetroCluster IP switch. For example, if the RCF file version that you are running on the switches is not supported by the ONTAP version, the switch firmware version, or both.

Verify that the RCF file is supported

If you are changing the ONTAP version or the switch firmware version, you should verify that you have an RCF file that is supported for that version. If you use the RCF generator, the correct RCF file will be generated for you.

  1. Use the following commands from the switches to verify the version of the RCF file:

    From this switch…​

    Issue this command…​

    Broadcom switch

    (IP_switch_A_1) # show clibanner

    Cisco switch

    IP_switch_A_1# show banner motd

    For either switch, find the line in the output that indicates the version of the RCF file. For example, the following output is from a Cisco switch, which indicates the RCF file version is “v1.80”.

    Filename : NX3232_v1.80_Switch-A2.txt
  2. To check which files are supported for a specific ONTAP version, switch, and platform, use the RcfFileGenerator. If you can generate the RCF file for the configuration that you have or that you want to upgrade to, then it is supported.

  3. To verify that the switch firmware is supported, refer to the following:

Upgrade RCF files

If you are installing new switch firmware, you must install the switch firmware before upgrading the RCF file.

About this task
  • This procedure disrupts traffic on the switch where the RCF file is upgraded. Traffic will resume once the new RCF file is applied.

  • Perform the steps on one switch at a time, in the following order: Switch_A_1, Switch_B_1, Switch_A_2, Switch_B_2.

  1. Verify the health of the configuration.

    1. Verify that the MetroCluster components are healthy:

      metrocluster check run

      cluster_A::*> metrocluster check run

    The operation runs in the background.

    1. After the metrocluster check run operation completes, run metrocluster check show to view the results.

      After approximately five minutes, the following results are displayed:

      ::*> metrocluster check show
      Component           Result
      ------------------- ---------
      nodes               ok
      lifs                ok
      config-replication  ok
      aggregates          warning
      clusters            ok
      connections         not-applicable
      volumes             ok
      7 entries were displayed.
    2. Check the status of the running MetroCluster check operation:

      metrocluster operation history show -job-id 38

    3. Verify that there are no health alerts:

      system health alert show

  2. Prepare the IP switches for the application of the new RCF files.

    Follow the steps for your switch vendor:

  3. Download and install the IP RCF file, depending on your switch vendor.