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ONTAP MetroCluster

Configuring SNMP settings for Tiebreaker software

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To use SNMP with the Tiebreaker software, you must configure the SNMP settings.

  1. Use the Tiebreaker CLI snmp config wizard command to add MetroCluster configurations.

    Note Only one SNMP trap host is currently supported.

    The following example shows the configuration of an SNMP receiver that supports SNMP V3 with an IP address of and port number 162 for trap messages. The Tiebreaker software is ready to send traps to the SNMP receiver that you specified.

    NetApp MetroCluster Tiebreaker :> snmp config wizard
    Enter SNMP Version[V1/V3]: v3
    Enter SNMP Host:
    Enter SNMP Port: 162
    Enter SNMP V3 Security Name: v3sec
    Enter SNMP V3 Authentication password:
    Enter SNMP V3 Privacy password:
    Engine ID : 8000031504932eff571825192a6f1193b265e24593
    Successfully added SNMP properties to NetApp MetroCluster Tiebreaker software.
    Note You should configure SNMPv3 because SNMPv1 is not secure. Ensure that the default community string is NOT set to public.
  2. Verify that the SNMP settings are configured:

    snmp config test

    The following example shows that the Tiebreaker software can send an SNMP trap for the event TEST_SNMP_CONFIG:

    NetApp MetroCluster Tiebreaker :> snmp config test
    Sending SNMP trap to localhost. Version : V1.
    Successfully sent SNMP trap for event TEST_SNMP_CONFIG
    NetApp MetroCluster Tiebreaker :>