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ONTAP MetroCluster

Moving a metadata volume in MetroCluster configurations

Contributors netapp-thomi

You can move a metadata volume from one aggregate to another aggregate in a MetroCluster configuration. You might want to move a metadata volume when the source aggregate is decommissioned or unmirrored, or for other reasons that make the aggregate ineligible.

About this task
  • You must have cluster administrator privileges to perform this task.

  • The target aggregate must be mirrored and should not be in the degraded state.

  • The available space in the target aggregate must be larger than the metadata volume that you are moving.

  1. Set the privilege level to advanced:

    set -privilege advanced

  2. Identify the metadata volume that should be moved:

    volume show MDV_CRS*

    Cluster_A::*> volume show MDV_CRS*
    Vserver   Volume       Aggregate    State      Type       Size  Available Used%
    --------- ------------ ------------ ---------- ---- ---------- ---------- -----
                                        online     RW         10GB     9.50GB    5%
                                        online     RW         10GB     9.50GB    5%
                                        -          RW            -          -     -
                                        -          RW            -          -     -
    4 entries were displayed.
  3. Identify an eligible target aggregate:

    metrocluster check config-replication show-aggregate-eligibility

    The following command identifies the aggregates in cluster_A that are eligible to host metadata volumes:

    Cluster_A::*> metrocluster check config-replication show-aggregate-eligibility
    Aggregate Hosted Config Replication Vols Host Addl Vols Comments
    ------------ ------------------------------------------ -------------- --------
    Node_A_1_aggr0 - false Root Aggregate
    Node_A_2_aggr0 - false Root Aggregate
    Node_A_1_aggr1 MDV_CRS_1bc7134a5ddf11e3b63f123478563412_A true -
    Node_A_2_aggr1 MDV_CRS_1bc7134a5ddf11e3b63f123478563412_B true -
    Node_A_1_aggr2 - true
    Node_A_2_aggr2 - true
    Node_A_1_Aggr3 - false Unable to determine available space of aggregate
    Node_A_1_aggr5 - false Unable to determine mirror configuration
    Node_A_2_aggr6 - false Mirror configuration does not match requirement
    Node_B_1_aggr4 - false NonLocal Aggregate
    Note In the previous example, Node_A_1_aggr2 and Node_A_2_aggr2 are eligible.
  4. Start the volume move operation:

    volume move start -vserver svm_name -volume metadata_volume_name -destination-aggregate destination_aggregate_name*

    The following command moves metadata volume "MDV_CRS_14c00d4ac9f311e7922800a0984395f1" from "aggregate Node_A_1_aggr1" to "aggregate Node_A_1_aggr2":

    Cluster_A::*> volume move start -vserver svm_cluster_A -volume MDV_CRS_14c00d4ac9f311e7922800a0984395f1
    -destination-aggregate aggr_cluster_A_02_01
    Warning: You are about to modify the system volume
             "MDV_CRS_9da04864ca6011e7b82e0050568be9fe_A".  This may cause severe
             performance or stability problems.  Do not proceed unless directed to
             do so by support.  Do you want to proceed? {y|n}: y
    [Job 109] Job is queued: Move "MDV_CRS_9da04864ca6011e7b82e0050568be9fe_A" in Vserver
    "svm_cluster_A" to aggregate "aggr_cluster_A_02_01".
    Use the "volume move show -vserver svm_cluster_A -volume
    MDV_CRS_9da04864ca6011e7b82e0050568be9fe_A" command to view the status of this operation.
  5. Verify the state of the volume move operation:

    volume move show -volume vol_constituent_name

  6. Return to the admin privilege level:

    set -privilege admin