Performance general considerations

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Performance varies based on hardware configuration.

The performance numbers described in this section are intended as a rough estimate of the performance of an ONTAP Select cluster and are not a performance guarantee.

The performance of an ONTAP Select cluster can vary considerably due to the characteristics of the underlying hardware and configuration. As a matter of fact, the specific hardware configuration is the biggest factor in the performance of a particular ONTAP Select instance. Here are some of the factors that affect the performance of a specific ONTAP Select instance:

  • Core frequency. In general, a higher frequency is preferable.

  • Single socket versus multisocket. ONTAP Select does not use multisocket features, but the hypervisor overhead for supporting multisocket configurations accounts for some amount of deviation in total performance.

  • RAID card configuration and associated hypervisor driver. The default driver provided by the hypervisor might need to be replaced by the hardware vendor driver.

  • Drive type and number of drives in the RAID group(s).

  • Hypervisor version and patch level.

This section includes performance comparisons only when the testing was performed on the exact same test bed to highlight the impact of a specific feature. In general, we document the hardware environment and run the highest performance configuration possible on that platform.