Planning to use the Deploy vCenter plug-in

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Before installing and using the Deploy vCenter plug-in, you should prepare to assure success.

Software requirements

There are several software requirements you should consider as described in the following table.

Software Supported version

ONTAP Select Deploy utility

2.11.2 or later

VMware vSphere

6.5 GA or later

VMware vSphere user interface

HTML5 (Flash-based version is not supported)


6.5U2 or later

Cluster size restrictions

There are several restrictions related to the cluster size that you should consider as described in the following table.

Item Maximum supported

ONTAP Select Deploy clusters


Nodes (virtual machines)




RBAC privileges for the vCenter user accounts

Several different vCenter privileges are required to manage and access the plug-in. These privileges correspond to the actions in the following three categories:

  • Managing the plug-in through Deploy:

    • Install

    • Upgrade

    • Remove

  • Accessing the plug-in through the vSphere client

  • Validating user access to the plug-in through vSphere

See Preparing the vCenter server accounts for more information.

AutoSupport limitations

The Deploy vCenter plug-in provides a minimum amount of usage information in the Deploy administration utility (including the plug-in URL). However, AutoSupport does include a table of the installed plug-ins that can be displayed through the AutoSupport viewer.

Note You cannot download an AutoSupport package through the vSphere web client using the Deploy plug-in. You must use the native Deploy interface to download AutoSupport packages.

Additional restrictions

There are several additional restrictions that you should consider before installing and using the Deploy vCenter plug-in:

  • Each instance of the vCenter plug-in supports only one vCenter server.

  • vCenter servers that are configured in linked mode are not supported.

  • The Deploy plug-in GUI in vSphere only displays clusters with ONTAP Select virtual machines managed by the same vCenter server. ONTAP Select clusters running on standalone ESXi and KVM hosts are not included.