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Upgrade to VMFS6 using Storage vMotion

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VMware does not support an in-place upgrade from VMFS 5 to VMFS 6. You can use Storage vMotion to transition from a VMFS 5 datastore to a VMFS 6 datastore for an existing ONTAP Select node.

For ONTAP Select virtual machines, Storage vMotion can be used for single-node and multi-node clusters. It can be used for both storage-only as well as compute and storage migrations.


Before you begin

Make sure the new host can support the ONTAP Select node. For example, if a RAID controller and DAS storage are used on the original host, a similar configuration should exist on the new host.

Caution Severe performance issues can result if the ONTAP Select VM is rehosted in an unsuitable environment.
  1. Shut down the ONTAP Select virtual machine.

    If the node is part of an HA pair, perform a storage failover first.

  2. Clear the CD/DVD drive option.

    This step does not apply if you installed ONTAP Select without using ONTAP Deploy.

    Edit settings

  3. After the Storage vMotion operation completes, power on the ONTAP Select virtual machine.

    If this node is part of an HA pair, you can perform a manual giveback.

  4. Perform a cluster refresh operation using the Deploy utility and confirm it is successful.

  5. Back up the Deploy utility database.

After you finish

When the Storage vMotion operation completes, you should use the Deploy utility to perform a cluster refresh operation. The cluster refresh updates the ONTAP Deploy database with the new location of the ONTAP Select node.