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Remove an ONTAP Select image from Deploy

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You can remove ONTAP Select images from your instance of the Deploy administration utility when they are no longer needed.

Caution You should not remove any ONTAP Select images that are in use by a cluster.
About this task

You can remove older ONTAP Select images that are not currently in use by a cluster or planned for use with a future cluster deployment.

  1. Sign in to the Deploy utility CLI using SSH with the administrator (admin) account.

  2. Display the clusters managed by Deploy and record the ONTAP images in use:

    cluster show

    Note the version number and hypervisor platform in each case.

  3. Start the Bash shell:

    shell bash

  4. Display all of the available ONTAP Select images:

    ls -lh /opt/netapp/images

  5. Optionally remove the ONTAP Select image with your hypervisor host.

    ESXi example
    rm -r /opt/netapp/images/DataONTAPv-9.3RC1-vidconsole-esx.ova
    KVM example
    rm -r /opt/netapp/images/DataONTAPv-9.3RC1-serialconsole-kvm.raw.tar