Accessing the vCenter plug-in through vSphere

Contributors dmp-netapp

You can access the Deploy vCenter plug-in through the vSphere web client.

Before you begin

The vCenter plug-in must be installed. In addition, the vCenter account you use when signing in to vSphere must have the following privilege:

  • NetApp

    • ONTAP Select Deploy

      • Administrator

  1. Sign out of the vSphere web client if you are signed in.

  2. Sign in to vCenter using the vSphere web client, select HTML5, and accept the SSL certificate.

    Signing out and then back in refreshes the vCenter configuration information.

  3. Click Global Inventory Lists.


The options ONTAP Select Clusters and ONTAP Select Deploy are available in the pane on the left. If they are not displayed, you should sign out and then sign back in.