Qtree options

Contributors netapp-ivanad

A qtree is a logically defined file system that can exist as a special subdirectory of the root directory within a FlexVol volume. Qtrees are used to manage and partition data within the volume.

If you create qtrees on a FlexVol that contains volumes, the qtrees appear as directories. Therefore, you need to be careful to not delete the qtrees accidentally when deleting volumes.

You can specify the following options when creating a qtree:

  • Name of the qtree

  • Volume in which you want the qtree to reside

  • Oplocks

    By default, oplocks are enabled for the qtree. If you disable oplocks for the entire storage system, oplocks are not set even if you enable oplocks for each qtree.

  • Security style

    The security style can be UNIX, NTFS, or Mixed (UNIX and NTFS). By default, the security style of the qtree is the same as that of the selected volume.

  • Export policy

    You can create a new export policy or select an existing policy. By default, the export policy of the qtree is same as that of the selected volume.

  • Space usage limits for qtree and user quotas