User accounts (cluster administrators only)

Contributors netapp-ivanad

You can create, modify, lock, unlock, or delete a cluster user account, reset a user’s password, or display information about all user accounts.

You can manage cluster user accounts in the following ways:

  • Creating a login method for a user by specifying the user’s account name, the access method, the authentication method, and, optionally, the access-control role that the user is assigned

  • Displaying users' login information, such as the account name, allowed access method, authentication method, access-control role, and account status

  • Modifying the access-control role that is associated with a user’s login method


    It is best to use a single role for all the access and authentication methods of a user account.

  • Deleting a user’s login method, such as the access method or the authentication method

  • Changing the password for a user account

  • Locking a user account to prevent the user from accessing the system

  • Unlocking a previously locked user account to enable the user to access the system again