Nodes window

Contributors netapp-ivanad

You can use the Nodes window to view the details of the nodes in a cluster.

Command buttons

  • Initialize ComplianceClock

    Initializes the ComplianceClock of the selected node to the current value of the system clock.

  • Refresh

    Updates the information in the window.

Nodes list

  • Name

    Displays the name of the node.

  • State

    Displays the state of the node (whether the node is up or down).

  • Up Time

    Displays the duration for which the node is up.

  • ONTAP Version

    Displays the ONTAP version that is installed on the node.

  • Model

    Displays the platform model number of the node.

  • System ID

    Displays the ID of the node.

  • Serial No

    Displays the serial number of the node.

Details area

Displays detailed information about the selected node.

  • Details tab

    Displays information related to the selected node such as the name of the node, the state of the node, and the duration for which the node is up.

  • Performance tab

    Displays the throughput, IOPS, and latency of the selected node.

    Changing the client time zone or the cluster time zone impacts the performance metrics graphs. You should refresh your browser to view the updated graphs.