Protection Policies window

Contributors netapp-ivanad

You can use the Protection Policies window to create, manage, and display information about mirror, vault, and mirror vault policies.

Command buttons

  • Create

    Opens the Create Policy dialog box, which enables you to create a mirror, vault, or mirror vault policy.

  • Edit

    Opens the Edit Policy dialog box, which enables you to edit a policy.

  • Delete

    Opens the Delete Policy dialog box, which enables you to delete a policy.

  • Refresh

    Updates the information in the window.

Protection policies list

  • Name

    Displays the name of the protection policy.

  • Type

    Displays the policy type, which can be Vault, Mirror Vault, or Asynchronous Mirror.

  • Comment

    Displays the description specified for the policy.

  • Transfer Priority

    Displays the data transfer priority, such as Normal or Low.

Details area

  • Policy Details tab

    Displays details of the protection policy, such as the user who created the policy, number of rules, retention count, and status of network compression.

  • Policy Rules tab

    Displays details of the rules that are applied to the policy. The Policy Rules tab is displayed only if the selected policy contains rules.