SNMP window

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The SNMP window enables you to view the current SNMP settings for your system. You can also change your system’s SNMP settings, enable SNMP protocols, and add trap hosts.

Command buttons

  • Enable/Disable

    Enables or disables SNMP.

  • Edit

    Opens the Edit SNMP Settings dialog box, which enables you to specify the SNMP communities for your storage system and enable or disable traps.

  • Test Trap Host

    Sends a test trap to all the configured hosts to check whether the test trap reaches all the hosts and whether the configurations for SNMP are set correctly.

  • Refresh

    Updates the information in the window.


The details area displays the following information about the SNMP server and host traps for your storage system:

  • SNMP

    Displays whether SNMP is enabled or not.

  • Traps

    Displays if SNMP traps are enabled or not.

  • Location

    Displays the address of the SNMP server.

  • Contact

    Displays the contact details for the SNMP server.

  • Trap host IP Address

    Displays the IP addresses of the trap host.

  • Community Names

    Displays the community name of the SNMP server.

  • Security Names

    Displays the security style for the SNMP server.

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