Users window

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You can use the Users window to manage user accounts, to reset the password of a user, and to view information about all of the user accounts.

Command buttons

  • Add

    Opens the Add User dialog box, which enables you to add user accounts.

  • Edit

    Opens the Modify User dialog box, which enables you to modify user login methods.


    It is a best practice to use a single role for all of the access and authentication methods of a user account.

  • Delete

    Enables you to delete a selected user account.

  • Change Password

    Opens the Change Password dialog box, which enables you to reset a selected user’s password.

  • Lock

    Locks the user account.

  • Refresh

    Updates the information in the window.

Users list

The area below the users list displays detailed information about the selected user.

  • User

    Displays the name of the user account.

  • Account Locked

    Displays whether the user account is locked.

User Login Methods area

  • Application

    Displays the access method that a user can use to access the storage system. The supported access methods include the following:

    • System console (console)

    • HTTP(S) (http)

    • ONTAP API (ontapi)

    • Service Processor (service-processor)

    • SSH (ssh)

  • Authentication

    Displays the default supported authentication method, which is “password”.

  • Role

    Displays the role of a selected user.