Editing a Kerberos realm configuration

Contributors netapp-ivanad

You can use System Manager to edit a Kerberos realm configuration at the storage virtual machine (SVM) level.

About this task

You can modify the following attributes by using the Kerberos Realm Edit wizard:

  • The KDC IP address and port number

  • The IP address of the administrative server if the KDC vendor is not Microsoft

  • The IP address of the password server

  • The Active Directory server name and IP address if the KDC vendor is Microsoft

  1. Click Storage > SVMs.

  2. Select the SVM, and then click SVM Settings.

  3. In the Services pane, click Kerberos Realm.

  4. In the Kerberos Realm window, select the Kerberos realm configuration that you want to modify, and then click Edit.

  5. Type or select information as prompted by the wizard.

  6. Confirm the details, and then click Finish to complete the wizard.