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System Manager Classic

Editing protection policies


You can use System Manager to modify a protection policy and to apply the policy to a data protection relationship.

About this task

The protection policies are not displayed at the cluster level.

  1. Click Storage > SVMs.

  2. Select the storage virtual machine (SVM), and then click SVM Settings.

  3. In the Policies pane, click Protection Policies.

  4. Select the protection policy that you want to edit, and then click Edit.

  5. Modify the transfer priority, and then enable or disable network compression.

  6. For an asynchronous mirror policy, back up all of the source Snapshot copies.

  7. For a vault policy or mirror vault policy, modify the SnapMirror label and retention count.

    You cannot remove the sm_created label for a mirror vault policy.

  8. Click Save.