Reassigning spare array LUNs to nodes

Contributors netapp-ivanad

You can use System Manager to reassign the ownership of spare array LUNs from one node to another to increase the capacity of an aggregate.

About this task
  • You can reassign array LUNs if the following conditions are true:

    • The container type of the selected array LUNs must be “spare”.

    • The disks must be connected to nodes in an HA pair.

    • The disks must be visible to the node.

  • For MetroCluster configurations, you cannot use System Manager to reassign array LUNs as spares.

    You must use the command-line interface instead.

  1. Click Storage > Aggregates & Disks > Array LUNs.

  2. Select the spare array LUNs that you want to reassign, and then click Assign.

  3. In the Warning dialog box, click Continue.

  4. In the Assign Array LUNs dialog box, select the node to which you want to reassign the spare array LUNs.

  5. Click Assign.