Resynchronizing mirror and vault relationships

Contributors netapp-ivanad

You can use System Manager to reestablish a mirror and vault relationship that was broken earlier. You can perform a resynchronization operation to recover from a disaster that disabled the source volume.

Before you begin

The source and destination clusters and the source and destination storage virtual machines (SVMs) must be in peer relationships.

About this task

You should be aware of the following before performing a resynchronization operation:

  • When you perform a resynchronization operation, the contents on the destination volume are overwritten by the contents on the source.


    The resynchronization operation can cause loss of newer data written to the destination volume after the base Snapshot copy was created.

  • If the Last Transfer Error field in the Protection window recommends a resynchronization operation, you must first break the relationship and then perform the resynchronization operation.

  1. Click Protection > Volume Relationships.

  2. Select the mirror and vault relationship that you want to resynchronize, and then click Operations > Resync.

  3. Select the confirmation check box, and then click Resync.