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Cluster and storage switches

Documentation requirements for BES-53248 cluster switches

Contributors netapp-jolieg

For BES-53248 switch installation and maintenance, be sure to review the specific switch and controller documentation.

Broadcom documentation

To set up the BES-53248 cluster switch, you need the following documents available from the Broadcom Support Site: Broadcom Ethernet Switch Product Line

Document title Description

EFOS Administrator's Guide v3.4.3

Provides examples of how to use the BES-53248 switch in a typical network.

EFOS CLI Command Reference v3.4.3

Describes the command-line interface (CLI) commands you use to view and configure the BES-53248 software.

EFOS Getting Started Guide v3.4.3

Provides detailed information about for the BES-53248 switch.

EFOS SNMP Reference Guide v3.4.3

Provides examples of how to use the BES-53248 switch in a typical network.

EFOS Scaling Parameters and Values v3.4.3

Describes the default scaling parameters with which EFOS software is delivered and validated on the supported platforms.

EFOS Functional Specifications v3.4.3

Describes the specifications for the EFOS software on the supported platforms.

EFOS Release Notes v3.4.3

Provides release-specific information about BES-53248 software.

Cluster Network and Management Network Compatibility Matrix

Provides information on network compatibility. The matrix is available from the BES-53248 switch download site at Broadcom cluster switches.

ONTAP systems documentation and KB articles

To set up an ONTAP system, you need the following documents from the NetApp Support Site at or the Knowledgebase (KB) site at

Name Description

Describes the power and site requirements for all NetApp hardware, including system cabinets, and provides information on the relevant connectors and cable options to use along with their part numbers.

Controller-specific Installation and Setup Instructions

Describes how to install NetApp hardware.


Provides detailed information about all aspects of the ONTAP 9 release.

How to add additional port licensing for the Broadcom-supported BES-53248 switch

Provides detailed information on adding port licenses. Go to the KB article.