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Cluster and storage switches

Migrate from a Cisco switch to a Cisco Nexus 92300YC switch

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You must be aware of certain configuration information, port connections and cabling requirements when you are replacing some older Cisco Nexus cluster switches with Cisco Nexus 92300YC cluster switches.

  • The following cluster switches are supported:

    • Nexus 92300YC

    • Nexus 5596UP

    • Nexus 5020

    • Nexus 5010

  • The cluster switches use the following ports for connections to nodes:

    • Ports e1/1-48 (10/25 GbE), e1/49-64 (40/100 GbE): Nexus 92300YC

    • Ports e1/1-40 (10 GbE): Nexus 5596UP

    • Ports e1/1-32 (10 GbE): Nexus 5020

    • Ports e1/1-12, e2/1-6 (10 GbE): Nexus 5010 with expansion module

  • The cluster switches use the following Inter-Switch Link (ISL) ports:

    • Ports e1/65-66 (100 GbE): Nexus 92300YC

    • Ports e1/41-48 (10 GbE): Nexus 5596UP

    • Ports e1/33-40 (10 GbE): Nexus 5020

    • Ports e1/13-20 (10 GbE): Nexus 5010

  • The Hardware Universe contains information about supported cabling for all cluster switches.

  • You have configured some of the ports on Nexus 92300YC switches to run at 10 GbE or 40 GbE.

  • You have planned, migrated, and documented 10 GbE and 40 GbE connectivity from nodes to Nexus 92300YC cluster switches.

  • The ONTAP and NX-OS versions supported in this procedure are on the Cisco Ethernet Switches page.

    Note After your migration completes, you might need to install the required configuration file to support the Cluster Switch Health Monitor (CSHM) for 92300YC cluster switches. See Install the Cluster Switch Health Monitor (CSHM) configuration file for details.