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Cluster and storage switches

Components and part numbers for NVIDIA SN2100 switches

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For NVIDIA SN2100 switch installation and maintenance, be sure to review the list of components and part numbers for the cabinet and rail kit.

Cabinet details

You install the NVIDIA SN2100 switch (X190006) in the NVIDIA dual/single switch cabinet with the standard brackets that are included with the switch.

Rail kit details

The following table lists the part number and description for the SN2100 switches and rail kits:

Part number Description


Cluster Switch, NVIDIA SN2100, 16PT 100GbE, PTSX


Cluster Switch, NVIDIA SN2100, 16PT 100GbE, PSIN


Rail Kit, NVIDIA Dual switch side by side


Rail Kit, NVIDIA Single switch short depth

Note See NVIDIA documentation for details on installing your SN2100 switch and rail kit.