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Decide whether to use the aggregate relocation procedure

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This content describes how to upgrade the storage controllers in an HA pair with new controllers while keeping all the existing data and disks. This is a complex procedure that should be used only by experienced administrators.

Use this content under the following circumstances:

  • You are upgrading NetApp controllers running ONTAP 9.5, 9.6 or 9.7. This document is not applicable to upgrades to ONTAP 9.8.

  • You do not want to add the new controllers as a new HA pair to the cluster and migrate the data using volume moves.

  • You are experienced in administering ONTAP and are comfortable with the risks of working in the diagnostic privilege mode.

  • If you are upgrading a MetroCluster configuration, it is a 4-node or higher FC configuration, and all nodes are running ONTAP 9.6 or 9.7.

Note You can use NetApp Storage Encryption (NSE), NetApp Volume Encryption (NVE), and NetApp Aggregate Encryption (NAE) with this procedure.

The following tables shows the supported model matrix for the controller upgrade.

Old controller Replacement controller

FAS8020, FAS8040, FAS8060, FAS8080

FAS8200, FAS8300, FAS8700, FAS9000

AFF8020, AFF8040, AFF8060, AFF8080

AFF A300, AFF A400, AFF A7001, AFF A8002


FAS8700, FAS9000, FAS83004, 5

AFF A300

AFF A7001, AFF A8002, 3, AFF A4004, 5

Note If your controller upgrade model combination is not in the above table, contact technical support.

1ARL automated upgrade for the AFF A700 system is supported from ONTAP 9.7P2.

2If you are updating to an AFF A800 or a system that supports internal and external disks, you must follow specific instructions for the root aggregate on internal NVMe disks. See Check and configure UTA/UTA2 ports on node3, Step 14 and Check and configure UTA/UTA2 ports on node4, Step 14.

3ARL automated upgrade from an AFF A300 to an AFF A800 system is supported from ONTAP 9.7P5.

4ARL automated upgrade from an AFF A300 to an AFF A400 and an FAS8200 to an FAS8300 system is supported from ONTAP 9.7P8.

5If you are upgrading from an AFF A300 to an AFF A400 or an FAS8200 to an FAS8300 system in a two-node switchless cluster configuration, you must pick temporary cluster ports for the controller upgrade. The AFF A400 and FAS8300 systems come in two configurations, as an Ethernet bundle where the mezzanine card ports are Ethernet type and as an FC bundle where the mezzanine ports are FC type.

  • For an AFF A400 or an FAS8300 with an Ethernet type configuration, you can use any of the two mezzanine ports as temporary cluster ports.

  • For an AFF A400 or an FAS8300 with an FC type configuration, you must add a four-port 10GbE network interface card (part number X1147A) to provide temporary cluster ports.

  • After you complete a controller upgrade by using temporary cluster ports, you can nondisruptively migrate cluster LIFs to e3a and e3b, 100GbE ports on an AFF A400 system, and e0c and e0d, 100GbE ports on an FAS8300 system.

If you prefer a different method of upgrading the controller hardware and are willing to do volume moves, refer to References to link to Upgrade by moving volumes or storage.

Refer to References to link to the ONTAP 9 Documentation Center where you can access ONTAP 9 product documentation.