Verify the node3 installation

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After you install and boot node3, you need to verify that it is installed correctly. You must wait for node3 to join quorum and then resume the relocation operation.

About this task

At this point in the procedure, the operation will have paused as node3 joins quorum.

  1. Verify that node3 has joined quorum:

    cluster show -node node3 -fields health

  2. Verify that node3 is part of the same cluster as node2 and that it is healthy:

    cluster show

  3. Check the status of the operation and verify that the configuration information for node3 is the same as node1:

    system controller replace show-details

    If the configuration is different for node3, a system disruption might occur later in the procedure.

  4. Check that the replaced controller is configured correctly for the MetroCluster configuration, the MetroCluster configuration should be in healthy state and not in switch over mode. Refer to Verify the health of the MetroCluster configuration.