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Migrate data aggregates, epsilon, and LIFs on node1 to node4

Contributors netapp-pcarriga

Before converting AFF A250 node1 to a drive shelf, you migrate the data aggregates, epsilon, and logical interfaces (LIFs) on node1 to AFF A400 node4.

  1. At the LOADER prompt for node4, boot the node into the boot menu:

    boot_ontap menu

  2. Select option 6 Update flash from backup config to restore the /var file system to node4.

    This replaces all flash-based configuration with the last backup to disks.

  3. Enter y to continue.


    The node automatically reboots to load the new copy of the /var file system.

    The node reports a system ID mismatch warning. Enter y to override the system ID.

  4. Migrate the cluster LIFs:

    set -privilege advanced

    network port show


    If the system cluster ports are not similar when upgrading an AFF A250 to an AFF A400, you might have to temporarily change the interfaces on node4 into cluster ports:

    network port modify -node node4 -port port_name -mtu 9000 -ipspace Cluster

    network interface migrate -vserver Cluster -lif cluster_LIF -destination-node node4 -destination-port port_name

  5. Wait for the cluster to come into quorum and then verify that the cluster nodes are healthy:

    – cluster show

    Note The HA pair and storage failover remain disabled in the current state.
  6. Move the cluster LIFs to the temporary 25G cluster ports on node4:

    network interface modify

  7. If interface groups and data VLANs are in use on the AFF A250 cluster you are upgrading, perform this step. If not, go to Step 8.

    The physical network port names differ between AFF A250 and AFF A400 systems. As a result, there might be incorrectly configured interface groups and displaced VLANs on node4. Check, and if required, fix any incorrectly configured interface groups and displaced VLANs.

  1. Migrate the data aggregates on node1 to node4:

    storage aggregate relocation start -aggregate-list aggregate_list_name -node node1 -destination node4 -ndo-controller-upgrade true -override-destination-checks true

  2. Display the status of all data aggregates in the cluster:

    storage aggregate show

  3. Migrate the epsilon by removing if from node1 and instead moving it to node4.

    1. Remove epsilon from node1:

      cluster modify -epsilon false -node node1

    2. Move epsilon to node4:

      cluster modify -epsilon true -node node4

  4. Display the cluster status:

    cluster show

  5. Display all data network LIFs:

    network interface show -role data

  6. Migrate all data LIFs to node4:

    network interface migrate -vserver vserver_name -lif lif_name -destination-node node4 -destination-port port_name

  7. Display the status of all data LIFs in the cluster:

    network interface show -role data

  8. If any LIFs are down, set the administrative status of the LIFs to up by entering the following command, once for each LIF:

    network interface modify -vserver vserver_name -lif lif_name -status-admin up

  9. Migrate the cluster management LIF:

    network interface migrate -vserver vserver_name -lif cluster_mgmt -destination-node node4 -destination-port port_name

  10. Display the status of the cluster management LIF:

    network interface show cluster_mgmt

  11. Halt node1:

    halt -node node1 -inhibit-takeover true -ignore-quorum-warnings true