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ONTAP tools for VMware vSphere 9.10
A newer release of this product is available.

Datastore Reports

Contributors netapp-manishc

The datastore reports provide detailed information about traditional datastores and the virtual machines that are created on these datastores.

The traditional dashboard enables you to review and identify potential issues with the datastores and virtual machines in your vCenter Server. You can view, sort, and export reports. The data for the traditional datastores and virtual machines report is provided by the vCenter Server. But due to the introduction of FlexGroup backed datastore support, some metrics such as latency, throughput, and IOPS are obtained from ONTAP.

Note File monitoring is not supported for FlexGroup datastores configured on direct storage virtual machines (SVMs).

The datastore provides the following pre-defined reports:

  • Datastore Report

  • Virtual Machine Report

Datastore Report

+ The Datastore Report menu provides information on the following parameters for datastores:

  • Name of the datastore

  • Type of datastore: NFS or VMFS

  • Volume style

    The volume style can either be a FlexVol volume or a FlexGroup volume.

  • Free space

  • Used space

  • Total space

  • Percentage of space utilized

  • Percentage of space available

  • IOPS

    The report displays the IOPS for the datastore.

  • Latency

    The report displays the latency information for the datastore.

    You can also verify the time at which the report was generated. The Datastore Report menu enables you to organize the report as per your requirement, and then export the organized report using the Export to CSV button. The datastore names in the report are links that navigate to the Monitor tab of the selected datastore, where you can view the datastore performance metrics.

Virtual Machine Report

+ The Virtual Machine Report menu provides the performance metrics for all the virtual machines that use datastores provisioned by VSC for a selected vCenter Server. The virtual machine metrics displayed in the Virtual Machine Reports is historical data that is collected every 30 minutes for virtual machines on traditional datastores. The “Last refresh time” and "`Next refresh time `" are added to the table to provide details on when the data was collected and when will be the next data collection.

  • Name of the virtual machine

  • Datastore name

  • Volume style

    The volume style can be either a FlexVol volume or a FlexGroup volume.

  • Source

    The source to gather details for the virtual machine can be either ONTAP or vCenter Server.

  • Latency

    The report displays the latency for virtual machines across all datastores associated with the virtual machines.

  • IOPS

  • Throughput

  • Committed capacity

    The report displays the value for the committed capacity for a virtual machine.

  • Host

    The report displays the host systems on which the virtual machine is available.

  • Uptime

    The report displays the time for which the virtual machine is powered on and is available on an ESXi host.

  • Power state

    The report displays whether the virtual machine is powered on or powered off.

Each virtual machine name in the report is a link to the Monitor tab of the selected virtual machine. You can sort the virtual machine report as per your requirement and export the report in a .CSV file, and save the report on your local system. The timestamp of the report is also appended to the saved report.

For virtual machines that are backed by FlexGroup volumes, when new virtual machine is powered on, files are registered for monitoring on ONTAP. The historical metrics for Latency, Throughput and IOPS are obtained when VM reports are accessed from ONTAP.