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ONTAP tools for VMware vSphere 9.12
A newer release of this product is available.

Configure protection groups


You must create protection groups to protect a group of virtual machines on the protected site.

What you will need

You should ensure that both the source and target sites are configured for the following:

  • Same version of SRM installed

  • vVols datastore configured with replication enabled and datastore mounted

  • Similar storage capability profiles

  • Similar VM Storage Policies with replication capability that must be mapped in SRM

  • Virtual machines

  • Paired protected and recovery sites

  • Source and destination datastores should be mounted on respective sites


  1. Log in to your vCenter Server, and then click Site Recovery > Protection Groups.

  2. In the Protection Groups pane, click New.

  3. Specify a name and description for the protection group, direction, and then click NEXT.

  4. In the Type field, select one of the following:


    Type field option…​

    Traditional datastore

    Datastore groups (array-based replication)

    vVols datastore

    Virtual Volumes (vVol replication)

    The fault domain is nothing but SVMs with replication enabled. The SVMs that have only peering implemented and with no issues are displayed.

  5. In the Replication groups tab, select either the enabled array pair or the replication groups that have the virtual machine you configured, and then click NEXT.

    All of the virtual machines on the replication group are added to the protection group.

  6. Select either the existing recovery plan or create a new plan by clicking Add to new recovery plan.

  7. In the Ready to complete tab, review the details of the protection group that you created, and then click Finish.