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ONTAP tools for VMware vSphere 9.12
A newer release of this product is available.

Configure SRA on the SRM Appliance


After you have deployed the SRM Appliance, you should configure SRA on the SRM Appliance. The successful configuration of SRA enables SRM Appliance to communicate with SRA for disaster recovery management. You should store the ONTAP tools credentials (IP address and administrator password) in the SRM Appliance to enable communication between SRM Appliance and SRA.

What you will need

You should have downloaded the tar.gz file from NetApp Support Site.

About this task

The configuration of SRA on SRM Appliance stores the SRA credentials in the SRM Appliance.


  1. On the SRM Appliance screen, click Storage Replication Adapter > New Adapter.

  2. Upload the .tar.gz file to SRM.

  3. Rescan the adapters to verify that the details are updated in the SRM Storage Replication Adapters page.

  4. Log in using administrator account to the SRM Appliance using putty.

  5. Switch to the root user using the command: su root

  6. Run command cd /var/log/vmware/srm to navigate to the log directory.

  7. At the log location enter the command to get the docker ID used by SRA: docker ps -l

  8. To login to the container ID, enter command: docker exec -it -u srm <container id> sh

  9. Configure SRM with the ONTAP tools IP address and password using the command: perl -I <otv-IP> administrator <otv-password>

    A success message confirming that the storage credentials are stored is displayed. SRA can communicate with SRA server using the provided IP address, port and credentials.